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Top Spots for Best Wings Anchorage – Savor Now!

Are you in the mood for some delicious chicken wings in Anchorage? Look no further! In this article, we’ll take you on a mouthwatering journey through the top-rated wing joints in Anchorage. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, these are the must-try wings in Anchorage that will leave you craving for more.

At these famous wing spots in Anchorage, you’ll find a variety of flavorful wings that will tantalize your taste buds. From crispy wings that have the perfect crunch to tender and juicy options, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re a fan of classic Buffalo-style wings, you’ll find some fantastic options in Anchorage. But if you’re looking to explore beyond the traditional flavors, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with international-inspired wing spots that will take you on a culinary adventure.

So, get ready to embark on a flavor-filled journey as we guide you to the best wing restaurants in Anchorage. Whether you’re craving classic, international, or unique twists on wings, Anchorage has it all. Get your appetite ready and let’s dive in!

Anchorage’s Classic Wing Spots

When it comes to traditional wing spots in Anchorage, three establishments stand out as the classic go-tos for wing lovers. These spots offer a combination of flavorful sauces, crispy skin, and size advantage that keep customers coming back for more.

907 Wingman

Location: Spenard

Keyword: 907 Wingman

Located in Spenard, 907 Wingman has earned its reputation as one of the top contenders for the best classic wing spot in Anchorage. Their plump and meaty wings are generously coated in a tangy and buttery sauce that perfectly complements the crispy skin. Despite the sauciness, the skin remains intact, creating a delightful combination of flavors and textures. If you’re looking for a traditional wing experience, 907 Wingman should be your first stop.

Winky’s Wings

Location: South Anchorage

Keyword: Winky’s Wings

Winky’s Wings, located in South Anchorage, has stood the test of time and remains a favorite among wing enthusiasts. What sets Winky’s Wings apart is their range of heat levels and perfectly crunchy wings. Whether you prefer mild or extra spicy, Winky’s has you covered. Every bite delivers a satisfying crunch, giving these classic wings an edge over the competition.

Straight Out of Philly

Location: Anchorage

Keyword: Straight Out of Philly

Straight Out of Philly is known for its old-school wings that capture the essence of classic party-wing go-tos. Moist, full of flavor, and with a perfect balance between dry and saucy, these wings do not disappoint. Located in Anchorage, Straight Out of Philly is a must-visit for wing lovers looking for an authentic and nostalgic wing experience.

Classic Wing SpotLocationSpecialty
907 WingmanSpenardTangy and buttery sauce
Winky’s WingsSouth AnchorageRange of heat levels
Straight Out of PhillyAnchorageAuthentic and nostalgic flavor

International Flavors and Experiences

Looking to satisfy your craving for wings with a global twist? Anchorage boasts a variety of restaurants offering international flavors that will surely tantalize your taste buds. From Vietnamese cuisine to Indian-inspired delights, these establishments deliver a unique and flavorful wing experience.

Gia Dinh Pho and Vietnamese Cuisine

At Gia Dinh Pho, indulge in their crispy and spicy chicken wings seasoned with “Dad’s special seasoning.” This secret blend of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic, and other spices gives the wings a mouthwatering kick. The crispy exterior and tender meat make these wings a delight to bite into. These flavorful wings are a must-try for those seeking Vietnamese cuisine with a twist.

Thai Orchid

For addictive deep-fried wings with a sticky sweet sauce, head over to Thai Orchid. Each bite is packed with a harmonious blend of flavors, combining the perfect balance of sweetness and heat. The lemongrass variety adds an aromatic touch to these wings, elevating them to another level of deliciousness.

Everest Restaurant

Experience the vibrant flavors of Indian cuisine at Everest Restaurant, where they serve up delectable “chicken lollipops.” These Indian-inspired wings are a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. With their rich blend of spices and a hint of heat, these lollipops offer a unique and satisfying wing experience.

Seoul Casa’s K-Town Wings

Indulge in the meatiness of Seoul Casa’s K-Town wings. These wings feature a crispy battered skin and a spicy sticky coating that is sure to leave you craving for more. The combination of flavors in this Korean-inspired dish is a testament to the addictive qualities of these wings.

Embark on a culinary adventure with these international flavor-infused wings. Whether you’re a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, crave Indian-inspired flavors, or desire the bold and spicy coating of K-Town wings, Anchorage has something to satisfy every craving. So, gather your friends and family, and treat yourselves to these delightful international wing options.

Unique and Flavorful Wing Options

If you’re looking for a unique and satisfying twist on traditional chicken wings, Anchorage has some fantastic options. Whether you’re a carnivore or a vegetarian, these wing spots offer flavorful alternatives that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Gia Dinh Pho and Vietnamese Cuisine

At Gia Dinh Pho and Vietnamese Cuisine, you can experience the best of both worlds – crispy chicken wings with a simple and satisfying seasoning. These wings are cooked to perfection, with a crispy exterior and juicy meat that will leave you wanting more. Pair them with their famous garlic and soy vinaigrette sauce for an explosion of flavors that complement the wings perfectly.

Tamarack Brewing Company

Tamarack Brewing Company takes a unique approach to wings by offering deep-fried cauliflower as a vegetarian and vegan option. These crispy cauliflower wings are tossed in a special house-made sauce, giving them a perfect balance of tanginess and heat. Even meat lovers can’t resist the amazing flavors of these cauliflower wings.

For those with dietary restrictions or simply looking for something different, Tamarack Brewing Company’s deep-fried cauliflower wings are a must-try. They prove that wings don’t always have to be chicken to be delicious!

RestaurantWing OptionSauceSpecialty
Gia Dinh Pho and Vietnamese CuisineCrispy Chicken WingsGarlic and Soy VinaigretteSimple and Satisfying
Tamarack Brewing CompanyDeep-Fried Cauliflower WingsSpecial House-Made SauceSuitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Savor the Taste of New Orleans

If you’re craving the vibrant and flavorful cuisine of New Orleans, look no further than J’s Creole Wings in Anchorage. This hidden gem brings the rich and soulful flavors of the Big Easy to Alaska, offering a dining experience that is sure to transport you to the lively streets of New Orleans.

At J’s Creole Wings, the secret to their mouthwatering wings lies in their cherished family recipe. Passed down through generations, each bite is a testament to the love and tradition that goes into crafting these delectable wings. Whether you’re a fan of spicy Cajun-style or prefer a milder flavor, you’ll find a variety of options to tantalize your taste buds.

Step inside J’s Creole Wings and discover a cozy indoor area where you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. If you prefer to soak up the Alaskan beauty while savoring your wings, head to their outside beer garden. With its charming ambiance, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a flavorful meal with friends and family.

One standout option to try at J’s Creole Wings is their signature honey heat sauce. This luscious blend provides a perfect symphony of sweetness and heat, coating the crunchy wings and infusing them with irresistible flavors. Each bite reveals tender and succulent chicken, delivering an unforgettable culinary experience.

No wing meal is complete without a delicious dip, and J’s Creole Wings has the answer with their homemade ranch dip. Creamy and flavorful, it perfectly complements the wings, adding an extra layer of indulgence to each bite. Pair your wings with a refreshing fruit punch or strawberry lemonade for a complete and satisfying meal.

So, whether you’re craving a taste of New Orleans or simply looking for an exceptional wing experience, J’s Creole Wings is the place to be. With their authentic family recipe and an array of delicious flavors, you’re in for a memorable dining experience that will transport you to the vibrant streets of New Orleans.

Wings Across America

Wings are a staple across America, and every state has its top-rated wing spots. According to Yelp reviews, customers rave about the quality and flavors of wings in different regions. From Alabama’s Yo’ Mama’s in Birmingham to That Wing Place in Anchorage, each state offers a diverse array of flavors and preparations. Whether you’re in Phoenix, Birmingham, or Anchorage, you’re sure to find delicious wings that cater to your taste preferences.

Indulging in wings, not only do you get to enjoy the crispy, flavorful goodness, but it also gives you a chance to experience the unique culinary traditions of each state. From Alabama‘s tangy and finger-licking Buffalo wings to Alaska’s top-rated wing joints, the journey of exploring wings across America is one that’s worth embarking on.

“The wings at Yo’ Mama’s in Birmingham are the best I’ve ever had! The flavors are incredible, and the sauces are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. A must-try for wing enthusiasts!” – Yelp User

No matter where you go, customer favorites and top-rated wings are a testament to the mouthwatering flavors that await you. Different sauces and rubs, from tangy and spicy to sweet and savory, add to the excitement and diversity of wings across America.

Exploring the Top-Rated Wing Spots Across States

StateCityWing SpotYelp Rating
AlabamaBirminghamYo’ Mama’s4.7/5
AlaskaAnchorageThat Wing Place4.9/5
ArizonaPhoenixWing It4.5/5


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best wings in Anchorage, you have several options to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of classic Buffalo-style wings, crave international flavors, or enjoy unique twists on traditional wings, Anchorage has got you covered. From the mouthwatering platters at 907 Wingman and the tangy delights at Winky’s Wings to the authentic Vietnamese-inspired wings at Gia Dinh Pho and the flavorful Indian cuisine at Everest Restaurant, these top wing spots in Anchorage are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Don’t be afraid to explore different sauces and rubs to find your perfect flavor combination. Whether you prefer a fiery Buffalo sauce or a sticky sweet glaze, Anchorage’s wing joints have a wide range of options to cater to your taste buds. So, gather your friends and family, head to one of these fantastic wing spots, and savor the crispy and tender chicken wings that Anchorage has to offer!

With these delicious wing options, you’ll never have to settle for anything less. So, why wait? Grab your napkins, get your appetite ready, and indulge in the flavorsome and satisfying wings that make Anchorage a top destination for wing enthusiasts. Enjoy the crispy skin, tender meat, and explosion of flavors as you immerse yourself in the world of mouthwatering chicken wings. Anchorage is waiting to delight your taste buds!

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