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Top Spots for the Best Oysters in Anchorage

Craving the taste of fresh, flavorful oysters in Anchorage? Look no further! We’ve rounded up a list of the top-rated oyster bars in the city, where you can indulge in the finest selection of oysters and have an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re an oyster aficionado or a seafood lover looking to expand your culinary horizons, these establishments are the go-to spots for the best oysters in Anchorage.

Customers have spoken, praising the deliciousness and freshness of the oysters served at these oyster bars. From the moment you take your first bite, you’ll be transported to oyster heaven. The quality and taste of the oysters are unmatched, making these spots the talk of the town.

So, where can you find these top-rated oyster bars in Anchorage? Keep reading to discover the must-visit places that will satisfy your oyster cravings and leave you wanting more.

F Street Station

When it comes to great oyster restaurants in Anchorage, F Street Station is a standout choice. With its reputation for serving delicious oysters and mouthwatering grilled halibut sandwiches, it’s no wonder that customers highly recommend this establishment. The raw oysters at F Street Station are particularly exceptional, consistently delivering an exquisite flavor and freshness that oyster enthusiasts can’t resist.

But it’s not just the incredible oyster selection that sets F Street Station apart. The atmosphere of the restaurant adds an extra touch of magic to the dining experience. Whether you choose to sit indoors or enjoy your meal on the cozy outdoor patio, you’ll be enveloped in a warm and inviting ambiance that enhances the pleasure of savoring these delectable oysters.

“I can’t recommend F Street Station enough for their raw oysters. The flavor is unmatched and their grilled halibut sandwich is to die for. The charming atmosphere just adds to the whole experience. It’s definitely my go-to spot for the best oysters in Anchorage!” – satisfied customer

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit F Street Station if you’re searching for the best oysters in Anchorage. With its delightful combination of exceptional oysters, scrumptious grilled halibut sandwiches, and inviting ambiance, this oyster haven is a must-visit for any seafood lover.

Menu Highlights at F Street Station:

Menu Item Description
Raw Oysters Fresh and succulent oysters served on the half shell
Grilled Halibut Sandwich A mouthwatering sandwich prepared with perfectly grilled halibut fillet
Seafood Chowder A creamy and flavorful chowder packed with a medley of seafood delights
Crab Cakes Deliciously seasoned crab cakes served with a tangy remoulade sauce

Altura Bistro

Another top-rated oyster bar in Anchorage is Altura Bistro. Customers have been impressed by the service and food quality at this restaurant. The fresh raw oysters are highly recommended, and the atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience. When it comes to finding the best oysters in Anchorage, Altura Bistro is a popular choice.

At Altura Bistro, the emphasis is on delivering a memorable dining experience where the star of the show is undoubtedly their selection of fresh oysters. Customers have raved about the pristine taste and quality of the raw oysters served here, making it a must-visit destination for oyster enthusiasts.

The restaurant’s commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail have garnered high praise from patrons. Attentive staff members cater to guests’ needs, ensuring that every visit to Altura Bistro is a delightful experience.

Aside from their delectable oyster offerings, Altura Bistro boasts a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re dining with friends or enjoying a romantic evening, the ambiance at Altura Bistro creates a perfect backdrop for savoring their mouthwatering oysters.

Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the best oysters in Anchorage at Altura Bistro. With its exceptional service, fresh raw oysters, and alluring atmosphere, Altura Bistro is undoubtedly a top choice for oyster lovers in the city.

Inferno Seafood Boil

If you’re in the mood for a seafood boil experience in Anchorage, look no further than Inferno Seafood Boil. This popular restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood options, including mouthwatering oysters. Customers have consistently praised the freshness and exceptional taste of the oysters served at Inferno Seafood Boil.

At Inferno Seafood Boil, you can expect high-quality oysters that are carefully prepared to perfection. Whether you prefer them raw, grilled, or cooked in a flavorful seafood boil, this restaurant has you covered.

What sets Inferno Seafood Boil apart is their unique approach to seafood. They prioritize using the freshest ingredients available and offer customers a true seafood feast. With a cozy and inviting atmosphere, dining at Inferno Seafood Boil is a memorable experience.

For oyster enthusiasts and seafood lovers, Inferno Seafood Boil is undoubtedly one of the top contenders for the best oysters in Anchorage.

Cuisine Ambience Price Range
Seafood Cozy Moderate

10th & M Seafoods

If you’re a seafood lover in Anchorage, 10th & M Seafoods is a hidden gem that you won’t want to miss. This popular seafood market is known for its high-quality seafood selection, including their fresh and delicious oysters.

Customers rave about the freshness and taste of the oysters available at 10th & M Seafoods. Whether you’re looking to cook oysters at home or enjoy them as part of your meal, this market has got you covered.

With a wide variety of oysters to choose from, you can explore different flavors and textures. From briny and buttery to creamy and sweet, each oyster offers a unique experience for your taste buds.

10th & M Seafoods takes pride in sourcing their seafood from local fishermen, ensuring that you’re getting the freshest and most sustainable options available. Their commitment to quality is evident in every bite.

Can’t decide which oysters to choose?

Try their Oyster Sampler, which allows you to taste a selection of oysters and discover your favorites. It’s a great opportunity to explore different flavors and find the oysters that suit your palate.

Whether you’re planning a seafood feast at home or looking to satisfy your oyster cravings on the go, 10th & M Seafoods is the go-to destination for oyster lovers in Anchorage.

Reasons to Visit 10th & M Seafoods
Wide selection of fresh oysters
Locally sourced seafood
Quality and sustainability
Oyster Sampler to try different flavors


In conclusion, Anchorage is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering a diverse range of top-notch oyster bars and seafood restaurants. Whether you’re a fan of raw oysters or prefer a seafood market experience, there are plenty of options to satisfy your cravings in this city.

Two highly recommended oyster bars in Anchorage are F Street Station and Altura Bistro. These establishments have received rave reviews for their delicious raw oysters and overall dining experience. Their commitment to quality and excellent service make them go-to destinations for oyster enthusiasts in Anchorage.

If you’re looking to take home some fresh oysters, don’t miss out on 10th & M Seafoods. This popular seafood market offers a wide selection of high-quality oysters and other seafood options. It’s the perfect place to stock up on the freshest ingredients for a seafood feast at home.

For those seeking a more affordable dining experience, be sure to check out the happy hour specials and promotions available at these oyster bars and seafood restaurants. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the best seafood in Anchorage without breaking the bank.

So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, don’t miss the chance to explore Anchorage’s vibrant seafood scene. Indulge in the freshest and tastiest oysters in town at these renowned establishments. Anchorage has truly earned its reputation as a seafood lover’s paradise.

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