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Top Rated Anchorage Optometrist – Eye Care Excellence

If you’re in search of the best optometrist in Anchorage, look no further! We’ve curated a list of top eye doctors who prioritize your eye care needs. Whether you’re overdue for comprehensive eye exams, looking for contact lenses or glasses in Anchorage, or need expert vision correction, these optometrists have got you covered.

When it comes to your eye health, it’s essential to entrust your care to highly-rated professionals who specialize in Anchorage optometry. The optometrists we recommend include Nova Eyecare Center, Makar Eyecare, Katmai Eye Specialty Clinic, Alaska Eye Care Centers, and Dimond Vision Clinic.

At these clinics, you can expect comprehensive eye exams tailored to your unique vision needs. They offer a range of services, including glaucoma evaluation, astigmatism diagnosis and treatment, computer vision treatment, emergency eye care services, as well as contact lens fitting.

When searching for an optometrist near you, it’s important to consider the experience and expertise of the eye care professionals. These top-rated Anchorage optometrists have garnered positive reviews from satisfied patients for their exceptional care. However, it’s worth noting that a few negative experiences have been reported, primarily related to insurance and customer service.

So, if you’re looking for the best optometrist in Anchorage who can provide excellent eye care, comprehensive exams, and a range of services, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of these trusted providers. Your vision and eye health are our priority!

Optometrists Who Accept Insurance in Anchorage, AK

If you’re in Anchorage, AK and looking for optometrists who accept insurance, you’re in luck. Here are some of the best options to consider:

  • Nova Eyecare Center
  • Makar Eyecare
  • Katmai Eye Specialty Clinic
  • Alaska Eye Care Centers
  • Dimond Vision Clinic

These optometrists have experience working with various insurance providers such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Premera Blue Cross. It’s important to check with your insurance company to confirm coverage before scheduling an appointment.

Insurance Providers Accepted by Optometrists in Anchorage, AK

OptometristAccepted Insurance Providers
Nova Eyecare CenterAetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Premera Blue Cross
Makar EyecareBlue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Premera Blue Cross
Katmai Eye Specialty ClinicBlue Cross Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross
Alaska Eye Care CentersAetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Premera Blue Cross
Dimond Vision ClinicAetna, Cigna, Premera Blue Cross

Don’t let insurance coverage be a barrier to getting the eye care you need. Book an appointment with an optometrist who accepts your insurance plan and take care of your vision health.

Reviews for Optometrists in Anchorage, AK

When it comes to optometrists in Anchorage, AK, customers have shared mixed reviews based on their experiences. It’s important to consider the feedback and opinions of others before making a decision.

Nova Eyecare Center

Customers have praised Nova Eyecare Center for their friendly and knowledgeable staff, who provide excellent customer service. Many patients have had positive experiences with quick and efficient eye exams, ensuring their needs are addressed promptly and professionally. Additionally, the staff has been commended for their helpful assistance in selecting frames.

Makar Eyecare

Similar to Nova Eyecare Center, Makar Eyecare has received positive reviews for their staff’s expertise and friendly demeanor. Patients appreciate the attentive care they receive during eye exams and the helpful guidance provided in choosing the right eyewear.

Katmai Eye Specialty Clinic

Katmai Eye Specialty Clinic has also garnered positive feedback from customers. Patients have mentioned the clinic’s comprehensive eye exams and the compassionate care provided by the dedicated team of professionals.

Alaska Eye Care Centers

Alaska Eye Care Centers have received mixed reviews. While some patients have praised their services and experienced satisfactory visits, a few negative experiences have been reported. These include issues related to insurance problems and insensitive conduct during exams.

Dimond Vision Clinic

Dimond Vision Clinic has also received mixed reviews from customers. Some patients have reported positive experiences with the clinic’s services, while others have encountered difficulties with insurance-related matters.

When selecting an optometrist in Anchorage, it’s important to read reviews and consider all factors, including the overall reputation of the clinic, the expertise of the staff, and the level of customer service provided. The experiences shared by others can offer valuable insights into what you can expect from the optometrists in the area.

OptometristPositive ReviewsNegative Reviews
Nova Eyecare CenterFriendly and knowledgeable staff. Quick and efficient eye exams. Helpful assistance in selecting frames.No reported negative reviews
Makar EyecareExperienced and friendly staff. Attentive care during eye exams. Helpful guidance in choosing eyewear.No reported negative reviews
Katmai Eye Specialty ClinicComprehensive eye exams. Compassionate care from a dedicated team.No reported negative reviews
Alaska Eye Care CentersPositive experiences with satisfactory visits.Issues with insurance problems and insensitive conduct during exams.
Dimond Vision ClinicPositive experiences reported.Difficulties with insurance-related matters.

Best Affordable Optometrists in Anchorage, AK

Finding affordable eye care in Anchorage is essential for individuals on a budget. Luckily, there are several low-cost optometrists in the area that provide quality services at affordable prices. Whether you need a comprehensive eye exam, contact lenses, or a new pair of glasses, these Anchorage eye doctors on a budget have got you covered.

Southside Eyecare & Optical

If you’re looking for affordable eye care, Southside Eyecare & Optical is a great option to consider. They offer competitive pricing for comprehensive eye exams and have a wide selection of glasses and contact lenses that fit any budget. With their experienced team of optometrists, you can expect excellent care without breaking the bank.

Northern Lights Eye Care

Another top choice for low-cost optometry services in Anchorage is Northern Lights Eye Care. They understand the importance of affordable eye care and strive to provide their patients with quality services at reasonable prices. From comprehensive eye exams to fitting you with the perfect pair of glasses or contact lenses, Northern Lights Eye Care is dedicated to meeting your vision needs while keeping costs affordable.

Anchorage Opticians

If you’re in search of budget-friendly eye care, Anchorage Opticians is worth considering. They offer a range of services, including comprehensive eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and more, all at affordable prices. With their commitment to providing accessible eye care to the community, Anchorage Opticians is a trusted choice for individuals on a budget.


For affordable eye care services and a wide selection of glasses and contact lenses, LensCrafters is a popular choice in Anchorage. They offer competitive pricing for comprehensive eye exams, and their expert staff will assist you in finding stylish eyewear that fits within your budget. With their commitment to affordability and quality, LensCrafters is a reliable option for affordable eye care in Anchorage.

Prioritize your eye health without breaking the bank by choosing one of these affordable optometrists in Anchorage, AK. Remember, it’s always a good idea to call and inquire about pricing and insurance coverage before scheduling an appointment to ensure you get the most affordable options available.

OptometristServices OfferedPricing
Southside Eyecare & OpticalComprehensive eye exams, glasses, contact lensesAffordable
Northern Lights Eye CareComprehensive eye exams, glasses, contact lensesReasonable
Anchorage OpticiansComprehensive eye exams, glasses, contact lensesAffordable
LensCraftersComprehensive eye exams, glasses, contact lensesCompetitive

Choosing the Right Eye Doctor in Anchorage, AK

When it comes to your eye health, selecting the right eye doctor is crucial. In Anchorage, AK, you have a variety of eye care providers to choose from. To make an informed decision, consider the following factors:

Optometrists vs. Ophthalmologists

Optometrists focus on primary eye care, specializing in vision tests and prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses. They can also diagnose and treat common eye conditions such as infections and dry eyes. Optometrists are an excellent choice for routine eye exams and managing non-surgical eye issues.

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors with specialized training in eye care and surgery. They are qualified to diagnose and treat a broader range of medical conditions, including advanced eye diseases, cataracts, and glaucoma. If you require surgical interventions or have complex eye conditions, an ophthalmologist may be the best choice.

Qualifications and Experience

When researching eye doctors, pay attention to their qualifications and experience. Look for professionals who are board-certified, indicating that they have met the highest standards of education and training in their field. Additionally, consider their experience in treating conditions similar to yours and their track record of success.

Patient Reviews

Reading reviews from other patients can provide valuable insights into an eye doctor’s quality of care. Check online review platforms and social media platforms for feedback on their expertise, bedside manner, and overall patient satisfaction. Keep in mind that every doctor may have a few negative reviews, but focus on the overall consensus.

Vision Health Tips

To maintain optimal vision health, follow these tips:

  • Visit your eye doctor regularly for comprehensive eye exams, even if you have no apparent vision problems.
  • Protect your eyes from UV rays by wearing sunglasses and using UV-blocking lenses.
  • Follow a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids for good overall health, including your eyes.
  • Take regular breaks from digital screens to reduce eye strain and dryness.
  • Avoid smoking, as it increases the risk of eye diseases.
Nova Eyecare CenterABC Ophthalmology
Makar EyecareXYZ Eye Clinic
Katmai Eye Specialty Clinic123 Eye Institute
Alaska Eye Care CentersEyeCare Specialist Group
Dimond Vision ClinicEye Associates Anchorage

Remember, finding the right eye doctor is essential for your vision and overall eye health. Consider your needs, qualifications, experience, and patient reviews to make an informed decision. By taking proactive steps to care for your vision, you can enjoy excellent eye health for years to come.


In conclusion, finding the right optometrist in Anchorage, AK is essential for maintaining optimal eye health. With a variety of options available, including optometrists who accept insurance and affordable providers, there is a choice for everyone. It is crucial to take the time to read reviews and consider your specific needs before making a decision.

Regular eye exams are vital for early detection and effective treatment of eye conditions. By prioritizing routine check-ups and following proper eye care practices, such as wearing appropriate eyewear and practicing good hygiene, you can ensure the best vision possible. Remember, prevention is key when it comes to eye health.

Whether you are in need of comprehensive eye exams, contact lenses, or glasses, Anchorage optometrists offer top-tier services to address your vision care requirements. Take advantage of the expertise and assistance provided by these professionals to protect and preserve your vision for years to come.

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